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This beautiful Sierra Nevada Turquoise stone is housed in both Fine and Sterling Silver, with a hand stamped border and an oxidized backplate to make the stone the center of attention.  The pendant measures 1” x 1” and does not include a chain. All jump rings have been soldered closed for long lasting stability.


Turquoise is a very strong, protective stone. It is a talisman of luck, success, creativity, and ambition. Turquoise also promotes leadership, and has been known to enhance communication and ease anxiety. Turquoise clears the Throat Chakra and removes blocks of self expression.


Sierra Nevada Turquoise Pendant

  • All pieces are handmade by me with great attention given to durability and quality. That being said, please take care of your jewelry. While I do strive very hard to create quality pieces to last a long time, they are still handmade and very fragile. Please take caution to not spend prolonged time in water or doing dirty and hard labor while wearing these handmade products (swimming, cleaning, exercising, etc.).

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